Updated 1st March 2015

Finders Cafe VALe-date+TM is a unique methodology developed to assist validate the authenticity of historical Artefacts. With the assistance of Finders Cafe VALe-date+TM, Members can Preserve, Validate and Discover historically significant Artefacts, with the knowledge the associated information has gone through a rigorous validation process. Information discovered on Finders Cafe can be used by researchers with greater confidence than has been available before.

The Finders Cafe VALe-date+TM methodology is based on points allocated and points accumulated for attributes of an Artefact, such as the experience of the Member at cataloguing historical data, the quantity and quality of the information associated with the subject(s) in the Image and the quantity and quality of nominated Relationship Types associated with the subject(s) in the Image.

Further to validating the authenticity of the Image, this process also derives the Suggested Credit Value through an internal automated pricing methodology, Powered by Finders Cafe VALe-date+TM. (Patent Applied For)

The Finders Cafe VALe-date+TM process, including the Suggested Credit Value calculation is briefly outlined:


  • Score the experience of the Member cataloguing the information. This is achieved with consideration to the individuals experience and the status of an Organization they may be associated with. Also scored, is the level of positive feedback from previous activity. The source of the information, whether primary, secondary or tertiary is weighted accordingly.
  • Score the information attributed to specific subjects in the image. For example the location, names and dates attributed to the Subjects in the Image.
  • Score the information attributes that are associated with nominated Relationships to individual Subjects in the Image. For example the Relationship type, and the name and date of birth of the person in the Relationship, with the Subjects in the Image. The more relationships nominated the higher the score. Nomination of yourself in a relationship type, to the Subject/s in the Image, will score highly, as you are also a primary source.
  • Score the visual and data quality attributes of the actual Image.
  • Calculate with an algorithm, to determine the Finders Cafe VALe-date+TM Thread Ranking, from the above scores.

+ Plus calculating the Suggested Credit Value

  • Determine the Base Credit Value for the Image in the general market.
  • Score the Rarity of the Image in the public domain.
  • Calculate through algorithms, to determine Suggested Credit Value from Base Credit Value, Quality of scan and Rarity of Artefact score.

The determination of a fair market credit value to both parties, is the responsibility of the Thread Owner and the Member wishing to unlock the Thread.

This is an outline of the validation process and we may from time to time change the Finders Cafe VALe-date+TM scoring and ranking methodology. This is necessary to enhance and further develop the authentication and validation process. Therefore, on certain occasions you may see changes to the visible Rank of previously submitted User Provided Content. Changes in the scoring and ranking methodology will apply across all User Provided Content.