Updated 1st March 2015

Allowing Members Full Access to Your Threads

If you wish, you can enable other Finders Cafe Members to gain full access to your Threads. This means that they will be able to:

  • View the Thread images with no water mark
  • Download the original image that you uploaded
  • View all public data on the Thread
They will be able to do this without being a PRO member.

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Determining the Credit Value of Your Threads

For a Member to unlock a Thread they need to use Credits. The number of Credits is set, by you, for your Threads. The value of the Thread in Credits is suggested by the VALe-date+TM process (Patent Applied For). You can use this suggested value or you can choose any other value.

You are encouraged to freely research, consider, and determine the Credit Value of the Threads that you make available to be fully unlocked.

It is your right and responsibility, to research, consider and determine the Credit Value you place on a Thread. The same applies that you consider the Credit value you would be comfortable to use to unlock another Member's Threads.

The Suggested Credit Value is calculated by weighting the general market value of an image of the artefact, after consideration has been given to

  • the experience of the cataloguing Member
  • details of the Thread, including
    • location relating to the artefact
    • the quality and quantity of the Thread Subjects
    • the quality and quantity of the nominated Relationships
  • the specific attributes of the Image, including
    • the quality of the Image itself
    • the Image availability or rarity
The result is a suggested Credit Value.

Determining a fair market value is ultimately the responsibility of the Member who owns the Thread and the Member who wishes to unlock it. It is also the right of the owning Member to change their listed Credit Value, up or down, at any time.

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Rewards You Receive

When a Member unlocks full access to one of your Threads it is an indication that it is valuable to them, possibly for many reasons. They just used some of their Credits to unlock it. You deserve a reward!

The Credit Value you set for the Thread will be deducted from the Credit balance of the Member who unlocked the Thread.

Finders Cafe will reward you with a sum of $ reflecting the value of the Thread to the Global Social History Project. This value is also part of the VALe-date+TM process.

In order for Finders Cafe to do this you will need to have an active PayPal account that has been verified through your Account Profile page.

Things that are considered in the determination of the reward include:

  • The Credit Value set on the Thread
  • Possible government charges and taxes
  • Financial institution charges, e.g. PayPal fees
  • Foreign exchange conversion rates
  • Costs of operating the Global Social History Project
  • Finders Cafe commission
The payment will be made into your verified PayPal account in your selected currency.

Finders Cafe cannot guarantee the payment timeframe of the internet service providers, though generally you will receive your reward, if applicable, within 48 hours from the time the Member unlocked the Thread.

It is your responsibility to keep your registration and account details current and accurate. Where a Member's Account is in-operative and a reward is therefore not able to be credited to the nominated account, the Member must contact Finders Cafe to rectify the account details.

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Finders Cafe Commission

It is the intent of Finders Cafe that the Credit Value of any Thread, its information and images, is determined in a free market environment. For the provision of Website Services, Finders Cafe collects a commission on any rewards paid to Organisations or Members. This commission is to cover Website development, maintenance, uploading and downloading of data and other Website operational and management related matters. Finders Cafe charges a single commission on each reward paid. It will be determined at the time the reward is paid.

This commission is currently 22.7% of the calculated reward.

Finders Cafe reserves the right to change the Commission Percentage Rate at any time. Notice of any rate change will be given no less than 7 days prior to the rate change taking effect.

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