Updated 22nd August 2015

The top level, ongoing Membership can be obtained for Free, by simply contributing and Publishing Images to the Project. The following subscription options are available:

Guest (this is Free)

  • No registration required
  • Free to search Thread information and Images
  • Free to view limited Thread information
  • Free to view all Images at Thumbnail Size

Registered Member (this is Free)

  • Registration required
  • Free to Search Thread information and Images
  • Free view limited Thread Information, relating to Subjects in the Images
  • Free view all Images at a Medium Size
  • Free unlimited Uploading of your Thread information and Images
  • Free to create your own Albums (coming soon!)

Pro Member (PayAsYouGo or Free)

  • Registration required
  • Search Thread information and Images
  • View all Thread information, including people related to the Subjects in the Images
  • View all Images at the Large Size
  • Unlimited Uploading of your Threads and Images
  • Create your own Albums (coming soon!)
  • Add comments to yours and other members' Threads (coming soon!)

Free PRO Member

  • Contribute and participate in The Global Social History Project
  • To start, Upload and Share 9 or more new Images and their Threads for public view. This gives you three months Free.
  • To remain active, Upload and Share 3 or more new Images with Threads for public view, each month. This upload is to be complete before the previous month’s Free Pro Membership expires.
  • To reactivate, if your Membership expires, you can simply restart by uploading and sharing another 3 new Threads with their Images and each month thereafter.
  • Alternatively, you can PayAsYouGo with purchased Credit.

PayAsYouGo PRO Member

  • To start, you will need to Purchase Credit
  • To remain active, you will need to use Credit
  • To reactive, if your Membership expires, you will need to use Credit
  • Alternatively, you can go Pro for Free
  • Free Pro Member This is Smart ... and it is Free

    Free and PayAsYouGo both have access to the same features.

As shown above, you can become a Registered Member or a full PRO Member, for Free.

Members who want the full PRO Membership, but do not wish to Upload and Share 9 Threads and Images to start Free, may start by purchasing PayAsYouGo Finders Cafe Credit.

PayAsYouGo - Pro Member Subscription Options

To receive the full Pro Member features, the following subscription options are available for you convenience:

  • Monthly Subscription fee of 50 Finders Cafe Credits, per month. The initial subscription is for a minimum of three months but can be renewed or extended one month at a time (or more). Renewal will not occur automatically.
  • Annual Subscription fee of 500 Finders Cafe Credits. Annual subscription is for a one year period, from the day the subscription is purchased. Renewal will not occur automatically. (coming soon!)
  • Life Subscription fee of 3,000 Finders Cafe Credits one off payment - Available for a Limited Time Only. This subscription is not transferable and must be purchased by midnight 30th June 2015 (at the URL where you registered your membership). (coming soon!)

Libraries, History Societies and other history organizations are very welcome to join Finders Cafe and may wish to choose an alternate Membership to suit their specific requirements. Go to Join us and request an Application.