Updated 1st March 2015

Welcome to all in the History Industry

We extend a warm welcome to all History related Organizations and Professionals and look forward to working with you on this very exciting Global Social History Project.

Over the coming months we will keep you informed of developments as we hear from the different groups using the Website. We hope to get lots of constructive feedback to help us further develop the history services we are providing.

So if you have any comments, please do make contact.


We extend a warm welcome to all Genealogists and look forward to working with you.

The people at Finders Cafe are lovers of history and have been involved as students and professionals in the history industry for a very long time. We have also had personal dealings with some amazing Irish Genealogists in the past. How do Irish Genealogist interpret so much from so little? We salute you.

Yes the love of history is infectious and also very challenging, so to assist other lovers of their history, we have made special provision for Genealogists in the User Agreement. Go to Limited Use License. Here we give you an extended limited license to use search result information Threads, Images and Comments in your own personal Genealogy Consultancy work for your Clients. Please let us know if we can do more.

With the growing membership, Finders Cafe will become an invaluable resource, particularly in the field of Family History research. So if you haven't already, please joined us and become a Free Pro Member Membership Subscription Options.

If you think of any way we can further assist you, please make contact. We would love to hear from you.

Macleay River Historical Society MRHS - Kempsey Museum, NSW Australia

In the period before the launch of the Website, Finders Cafe and MRHS worked together to assist both organizations achieve their individual goals.

The Kempsey Museum has an enormous wealth of historical artefacts relating to the Kempsey NSW region. Some of the more notable resources they own are their photograph collections. You will discover more of these beautiful photographs on the Website, as the MRHS continues to catalogue and build Threads by uploading Images and adding information and Stories related to these beautiful photos.

The Kempsey Museum has recognised that Finders Cafe is a fantastic opportunity for them to share their photographs and stories with a greater global audience, which will in turn channel lots more information back to them, for further research and preservation of the artefacts. The Museum also recognises they will achieve greater volumes of image sales (part of their normal business), which will assist future development the Museum, the History Society and assist with the ongoing Preservation of their photograph collections and other historical artefacts.

Welcome Kempsey Museum and the Macleay River Historical Society.

14th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry, Canberra, Australia

Congress, 26th-29th March 2015, provides a fantastic forum to discuss new and innovative history projects amongst the many and varied history enthusiasts and organisations around the world.

In recognition of the Congress goals, Finders Cafe is proud to sponsor a Key Note Speaker at the four day event. We chose to support the Congress Program as it parallels with our goal to promote and service the enrichment of social history across the globe. We wish to thank The Congress for providing a wonderful platform for us to introduce the finderscafe.com website and also to thank the organisers and staff, who have been an enormous source of encouragement.

Andrew Gildea Architects, Brisbane, Australia

The Staff of this boutique history responsive Architectural Practice, have played an important part in getting this website out to the world. We wish to acknowledge the assistance of the Practice and Staff and say thank you.

We look forward to AGA contributions, especially in the field of their architectural history works and projects.

Welcome AGA.