Updated 14th May 2015

Millions of people from all around the world are eagerly searching for old photos, buried deep in drawers, in Homes, in Basements, in History Groups, or possibly even in Libraries. But laying somewhere out there, waiting to be found.

There are many Millions of these precious old treasures, lying all around the world. Just Imagine, one of them may be waiting to be Discovered, by You.

Imagine the excitement, the sheer joy, in finding an Image of your lost Family. Imagine the wonder, of peering into an old photo and connecting with the gaze from an old family friend.

There is a very great chance that you do have lost Treasures, somewhere out there in the world, waiting for You to Discover.

Andrew Gildea of Finders Cafe spoke with Spencer Howson of 612 ABC Radio, Brisbane, Australia, discussing The Global Social History Project and how it works. You can hear the interview directly from the 612 ABC website

Finders Cafe is a Website which can connect you with your History Artefacts. These Artefacts might be Photographs, Medals, Drawings, Portraits, Manuscripts, Diaries and more. You may even Discover lost Stories associated with your new find. Millions of Artefacts, Millions of Stories never seen or heard by you before, come to light when you connect through Finders Cafe, The Global Social History Project.

The Global Social History Project

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Our Point of Difference

When you Upload an Image, you add your information Thread associated with the Image. That information assists in Validating the Subject matter of the Image.

Validated Stories and Images is our point of difference from any other Website. Through the unique Finders Cafe Validation Process, you can be assured that the Discovery of "Your John Smith"", will stand out from the thousands or even millions of other "John Smiths" circulating out there.

Finders Cafe provides a valuable internally automated research tool for you to Preserve, Validate and Discover previously unidentified Artefacts of Historical Interest. The Finders Cafe Website is Powered by VALe-date+TM, patent applied for. Go to the Finders Cafe VALe-date+TM User Guide.

You can fully participate, Search, Preserve, Validate, Discover and Share, for FREE, with a Free Pro Membership. Go to Membership Subscription Options.

With Finders Cafe You can

  • Preserve Historical Artefacts, including Images of Photographs, Medals, Drawings, Portraits, Manuscripts, Diaries, and more
  • Validate your family stories, artefacts, and photos for the future
  • View Validated information Threads of other listed Images
  • Build and add to your stories and your research
  • Discover lost and previously unidentified Historical Artefacts
  • Share your Threads and Images with others to Discover
  • Connect with The Global Social History Community
  • Allow others to Purchase your listed Images
  • Enjoy future Income from your Image Sales
  • Retain your Copyrights
  • Be Acknowledged for your research work
  • Nominate a Third Party as a future Beneficiary
  • Safely share and connect, in your favourite meeting place, at Home, a Cafe or elsewhere
  • Features to be released soon are - Create your own Albums and Share Comments between Members
  • You will find many more benefits that are applicable to you, when you use Finders Cafe

You can join us for FREE, through a Free Pro Membership and enjoy the benefits of The Global Social History Project.

Imagine the Wonder, of all the People, Connecting all that History, Across the Globe.


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