Updated 1st March 2015

Finders Cafe PRO features and the ability to unlock full access to a Thread can only occur with the use of "Finders Cafe Credit" (also referred to as Credit or credit).

To purchase credit simply click the "Buy more credits" option in the "Credits" menu at the top of the page after signing in and then follow the cues.

The minimum quantity of Finders Cafe Credit you can purchase at any one time is 50 credits.

Finders Cafe Credit Conversion Rate: 50 Finders Cafe Credits = $6.50 USD.

For your safety and security, the purchase of Finders Cafe Credit is through PayPal.

Note: Your financial institution, PayPal transaction fees, and any government taxes and charges may apply in addition to the purchase price of the credit.

Credit is used to access website features only. It is not a virtual currency and cannot be traded or transferred to other members.